The state of the college admissions landscape today is such that grades, coursework, extracurricular activities, and standardized test scores are often not enough to separate one applicant from another; the subjective parts of a college application are pivotal in determining acceptance.

Your Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays are golden opportunities to show why you will add value to the college of your choice.  


We help students craft exceptional, original and indelible essays that stand out in an increasingly selective admissions environment.

We offer assistance with all stages of college essay writing, from idea development, drafting, revising and refining, to simple line editing, mechanics and usage review. 

"Anna was instrumental in guiding our son through the editing of his Common Application Essay and short answer writing. After reading our son’s work, he carefully discussed and analyzed the direction, spirit and “voice” of his essay. He took our son’s thoughts and helped him to create a truly impressive piece of writing! We feel it was the strength of our son’s application essay and his ACT results that helped greatly in granting our son Early Decision Admission to the Theatre Arts Management Program at Ithaca College (a selective program that only accepts 8 students per year) with a sizable merit scholarship. We strongly recommend Brian to other students and look forward to working with him again as our next son commences his college process".
Karina García

Karina García

Cd. de México
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