A Path to Academic Success

No time is more transformational than Middle School, where academic concepts are combined with confidence-building to help students become better students. Students plot their academic path, choosing courses that cultivate their skills and interests.

Our accredited private-school program provides families with the flexibility to fit school around their individual schedules while offering a wide selection of core courses, world languages, electives, micro courses, and extracurricular clubs that help students discover career pathways and personal passions that can shape their future.

Flexible schedules

Flexible schedules

Allow young students and their families to create a Middle School experience that is unique to them, with start dates and class schedules that accommodate their individual circumstances. With an asynchronous online instructional model, students can set their own pace
Personalized curricula

Personalized curricula

Are built around students’ interests, talents, and passions. Outside of core classes, students may explore new languages.

As students approach adolescence, they are asked to develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving, to analyze and synthesize. In this way, students cultivate an ability to think for themselves that will serve them well in high school and beyond.

Online interactive curriculum engages and challenges middle-schoolers, letting them work at their own pace in an environment that brings concepts to life and makes learning fun!

Here some of the characteristics of our curriculum:

Adaptive Curriculum approved by the Us Department of Education

Interactive and Personalized Curriculum. (Students start with a placement test and then the program adapts according to the academic needs of each student, providing personalized academic support interactively). The student receives Interactive Online Advice and may also work with the printed support materials covering the topics seen online.



It is installed on a PC, LAP, iPad or Tablet. Math Whizz® requires internet, once installed ISTATION® no internet is required to use it so you can access wherever you are.
You do not have to send EVIDENCES. The program reports all the students' progress and records their activities, on the contrary, we provide you with access to a PARENT PORTAL where you can see your child's evaluations and their results online immediately after their evaluation.



They simply love it!

Students have ACCESS TO SUPPORT, a STUDY ROOM (Math Whizz®) which can be decorated and painted to their style, they also have access to GAME ROOMS where students can feed the pets they buy at THE GIFT STORE with the credits earned, as well as a THEME BANK where there are varied interactive activities according to their current or lower level where they can review at any time.
Students can obtain Diplomas according to their progress.




As Math Whizz® is an International program, students can challenge themselves with students enrolled in other countries, great experiences take place through this option.
All the Middle School contents are Interactive but also appropriate to their age, students starts from their current knowledge and continues their instruction in a fun and personalized way.

Math Whizz® Available in the Interactive enrollment.

Accelerated Learning

It is proven that the use of Math Whizz® for 60 minutes a week during one year accelerates up to 1.6 years to an average student in his Mathematical Age! With Istation® something similar happens. It is recommended to use it 90 minutes a week as well, keep in mind that lessons, passages and PRINTED activities will be available to reinforce what students have learned.


English or Spanish Program

You can choose or purchase both programs, the program adapts to the student according to his/her needs, it includes:



We are delighted to reach more and more countries every day, our support is online, families can live in RUSSIA, NETHERLANDS, ECUADOR, CANADA, LONDON, USA or MEXICO, or maybe families travel constantly. With our program you will always be connected to an adaptive, personalized, at your own pace approved by the US Department of Education curriculum.

Even though we offer an online program, that does not mean that students will not work with real life scenarios. Since Middle School is full of FABULOUS projects to share with family and learn, they will not only continue working with reading, fluency, reading comprehension but also they will learn a lot about Science! How to make a portable charger, recycle, vertical gardens all this while learning interactively, guided, at your own pace and with an approved content! The learning will be amazing!