Excellence in Education

We are one of the best online private schools in America, Mati Talent Institute academic experiences help pave each student’s learning path and pace. In addition, we offer, an elite, application-only program for intellectually curious students who want a more rigorous academic experience.

Fostering a lifelong love of learning, Mati Talent Institute encourages engagement beyond the classroom through a broad range of clubs and activities, enables cross-cultural collaboration across its diverse student body, and nurtures personal growth within each student as they discover and pursue their individual passions and talents.

Our online school model, in addition to having access to our platform that adjusts content according to the performance of their children, will allow students to interact with a tutor to resolve any doubts that may arise while they are studying the contents of the subjects of Science, Math, English and Social Studies.

Our lesson plans are aligned to the U.S. Common Core Standards and Florida's B.E.S.T. Standards, a clear set of college and career ready standards for K-12 in English language arts/literacy and mathematics.

Our Students Community Are

Mati Talent Institute breaks down educational barriers for a global community. We welcome students from all over the world: By offering a variety of programs, Mati Talent Institute ensures each student can reach their full potential, regardless of their individual strengths and goals. We cater to a diverse range of high-potential learners. This includes gifted students who excel academically, high achievers who push themselves to succeed, and talented athletes who can balance their sporting pursuits with their education.


International Students

Principal advantages of studying at Mati

Flexible Schedule


Vast Curriculum


Personal Guidance


Official Validity



Mati Talent Institute Private School online program is designed to help students grow and excel academically and personally, while maintaining a flexible schedule.

Our students are free to choose their schedule, although weekly tutorials and classes are scheduled, they can always contact their tutor to answer questions.

Academic excellence

We seek academic excellence in a comprehensive study plan, our students are prepared so that they have the resources to enter the best universities in the world, but above all, to live day to day full of joy, we achieve this with the unconditional support of parents or guardians, creating a solid team.

Personal Guidence

Each stage of studies is different, the needs of Kindergarten are not the same as High School, both emotionally and academically, at MATI our students will always have a teacher and a coach to clarify doubts, learn about a specific topic or express themselves in an environment of trust and security.


In our search for Continuous Improvement we are on a permanent journey of improvement and self-discovery, in Mati our families, students, tutors and administrative staff have a voice and our periodic surveys feed us and help us to constantly improve, this is reflected in our international acceptance in the best universities and in the Ministries of Education for revalidation procedures. We are a registered private school in Florida under Department of Education School Code 5743 and CEEB 102721.

Are the studies completed at Mati official?

Mati Talent Institute is a Private School located in Florida in the United States, and as in any private school, all studies completed through Mati are valid in the US and worldwide through the proper documents. At the end of the school year students receive official documentation (notarized report card and apostille if required). Our Seniors will also receive their graduation Diploma with which they can apply to Universities in the US and worldwide.

For Mexico, the Ministry of Public Education recognizes studies completed abroad, since they are comparable to the Mexican Educational Program.

Our international acceptance rate is high and we can always send official documents through the secure National Student Clearinghouse network.