Flexible Schedule

Create a class schedule that fits with your family’s individual needs.

Stimulating Curriculum

Discover new concepts through real-world experiences and activities.

Online Qualified Education

Our plattform is built to engage students online.

Learning is Easy and Fun


24/7 Access

Mati Talent Institute offers academic instruction through asynchronous courses, which means that students can access their lessons at any time.
This eliminates scheduling conflicts and gives our students the flexibility to pursue interests and passions outside of school.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides 24/7 access to each student's progress and archives past exams and quizzes that can be reviewed online at any time.


Certified Teachers

Our qualified teachers are certified in their core content areas and are committed to helping students excel in their courses by providing personal, actionable feedback tied to homework objectives.

In our online school, once a week the teacher gives a class and explains the goal of the session, additionally once a week there is a session for academic questions and at any time you can communicate and schedule a meeting with the teacher to together create an action plan.


Parent Role

Being an academic chaperone with your children can include encouraging, motivating, planning lessons, providing additional learning resources, exploring concepts together, monitoring, reviewing and correcting assignments, helping them learn.

Adaptive Curriculum approved by the US Department of Education

Interactive and Personalized Curriculum. (It begins with a placement test and subsequently adapts according to the academic needs of the student, providing interactive academic advice according to their needs).
The student receives Interactive Online Advice and also works the Printed Materials on the topics covered online.


Playing and learning

Access to a different art activities such as Coloring Pages, Point to Point, Painting Numbers and Letters, Knowledge of the Environment, Traceable, and Printables. Children learn and develop grade goals in Reading, Math, and other subjects while expressing themselves artistically and developing their skills. More than 500 activities and material complement the lessons and activities for each individual and personalized program.

Reading Impact

Studies show the impact that reading has on students, as well as intonation, fluency and reading comprehension. Each book has a lexile and the option to READ, LISTEN and PRINT. The READ option allows them to position themselves on some word that they cannot read, this helps to facilitate reading, with the LISTEN option they acquire intonation.



The MATI Online School & Gifted Education curriculum has two books registered: PLANNING WITH MATI 1© AND PLANNING WITH MATI 2©. These books include fun puzzles that help children learn and retain important ideas, develop Reading, Math, Science, Art, Social Studies, and they are available only in Spanish.


Students will learn about numbers, geometric shapes, patterns, and measurements. The games and creative activities of the MATI Online School & Gifted Education Curriculum make Math fun.
The program includes:

  • Unlimited access during the school year to Istation® or Math Whizz®.
  • Recognizing and counting numbers
  • "More than" and "Less than"
  • Identifying and drawing geometric shapes and basic patterns
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Mathematical Thinking

Mati Trazos ©

In our Kindergarten it is very important for the child to practice their motor skills by developing different combinations of strokes. In your curriculum we give you access to our book Registered, Mati Trazos.