Corina Intriago



Paola Segura

Assistant Principal

Pearl Moses

School Counselor/Director
of Student Services

Lourdes Garcia

Academic Director

Emmanuel Muñoz

Curriculum Specialist


MATI TALENT INSTITUTE PRIVATE SCHOOL was established as a private school committed to providing adaptive, personalized and interactive education to children and youth at the kindergarten, primary and secondary levels. Our mission is to partner with parents to educate their children in a comprehensive learning environment seeking academic excellence and motivation for their own talents. We want to empower students who study at home anywhere in the world, using an educational, interactive, personalized, tested and effective program to ensure they reach their full potential.



Mati Talent Institute Private School is a K-12 based, distance learning private school which serves students who choose to study at home. We accept students throughout the United States and several countries. The school offices are located in Broward County, Florida. Mati Talent Institute Private School is registered with and recognized by the Florida Department of Education.



The school has a professional teaching staff of 20. The entire teaching faculty holds state certification and 60% hold advanced degrees.

6th-12th Grade Demographics

White 10%
Black/African American 11%
Hispanic/Latino 65%
Asian 10%
Native American 1%
Multi-racial 3%

56% Female and 44% Male


Students in Grades 9-12 follow a college preparatory curriculum and are required to meet all the requirements for a standard Florida diploma. Eighteen (18) Honors level courses are provided, including several district level honors electives (ex: Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry).

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Fourteen (14) Advanced Placement courses are currently offered at PPCHS through the College Board Advanced Placement Program in Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, Macroeconomics.
All students enrolled in AP courses are required to take AP exams.


Eighteen (18) courses are provided, including Accounting Applications, Business Applications, Computer Applications, Digital Information Technology, Information Technology Applications, Legal Aspects of Business.

Dual Enrollment

PPCHS students who maintain an unweighted 3.0 GPA and earn specific test scores have an opportunity to participate in the Dual Enrollment program at Broward College. Through this program, students can take college courses while in high school. They earn high school and college credit for the courses taken. The high school credit holds a quality “weight” as Advanced Placement classes. PPCHS provides students the opportunity to take ENC1101, ENC1102, Digital Photoshop, and Computer Literacy with PPCHS teachers approved as Broward College professors.



All subjects earn semester credit unless it is a core academic course with a state required End-of-Course (EOC) exam. EOC courses: Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, and U.S. History issues credit at the end of the school year. EOC exams are worth 30% of the student’s overall grade earned in the course per the Florida Department of Education.

Grading Scale

  • A = 90-100
  • B+ = 87-89
  • B = 80-86
  • C+ = 77-79
  • C = 70-76
  • D+ = 67-69
  • D = 60-66
  • F = 0-59

Evaluating Student Needs and Skills

Online K-12 academic planning is a cornerstone of Mati Talent Institute’ academic approach. It’s essential that new students across grades K-12 are set up for academic success from the moment of enrollment.

In communication with Admissions Coordinators and families, Placement Counselors confirm needed prior academic information for a prospective student. They thoughtfully design an appropriate course schedule, which also takes into consideration upper school students’ post-secondary goals.

Once students are enrolled, their academic progress is monitored and this contributes to course scheduling conversations offered each year. Lower and Middle School (K-8) students will have the opportunity to have conversations with experienced and devoted teachers, and Upper School (9-12) students will work with their counselors to design a course schedule that meets their academic needs.