Inspiring, Challenging, Educating Gifted Minds

Exceptional Educational Experience for Highly Gifted Students

The Academy at Mati Talent Institute is committed to the education of highly gifted children. Our Mission is to broaden international access to high-quality education through technology, ensuring that each student that leaves the school has the tools to accomplish their goals.

The Academy at MATI TALENT INSTITUTE is an internationally world-class online private school delivering live, real-time learning to students all over the world, enabling them to earn university recognised qualifications through accelerated courses.

45% of MATI students are studying in accelerated classes, relative to their school year level. MATI challenges students with rigorous, reputable and internationally recognised curricula, and provides access to experienced teachers that have helped students gain admissions to the world's most elite universities to ensure students are reaching their full potential.

Our virtual classrooms offer rigorous coursework for grades K–12 in the comfort of your own home or wherever you like to learn!


Florida's B.E.S.T. Standards

Our lesson plans are aligned to the U.S. Common Core Standards and Florida's B.E.S.T. Standards, a clear set of college and career ready standards for K-12 in English language arts/literacy and mathematics.


How do I know if my child is highly gifted?

We recognize gifted students by their deep questions, insatiable curiosity, and big ideas. Highly gifted is a clinical term applied to people in the top 1% of intelligence norms, so determining if a child is highly gifted requires IQ testing. There are many indicators of a potentially gifted child. These include advanced language skills, early demonstration of analytical thinking, a surprisingly global perspective, profound curiosity, and accelerated learning. Giftedness can take many forms in a young person; we encourage you to consult a psychologist

Integrated Gifted Curriculum

As a dynamic institution of learning, Mati Talent Institute students represent more than 50 nations worldwide.