Dedicated to delivering highly personalized instruction, guidance, support and entrance strategies to high school and middle school students and their families through all phases of the college admissions process.

Our students learn how to research and identify schools that are excellent matches for the criteria most important to them, and where they’ll have the best opportunities to flourish and accomplish what they want to do.



The program that prepares young students to access universities of excellence in the world


Our Services

  • SAT & ACT Tutoring
  • College Planning
  • College Essay Assistance
  • (UN) Common App
  • Workshops

Standardized test scores remain a critical factor for admissions and scholarship decisions, even within an expanding test-optional landscape. Each and every year, low scores prevent countless deserving students from being accepted to their top-choice schools. Committing to a preparation plan that maximizes these scores can make the difference between acceptance and denial, between free money and a steeper price tag for college.

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Planning for college, especially in these times, can be intimidating. With a multitude of options, soaring tuition, increased competition and the rapidly evolving demands of our 21st century economy, families must educate themselves to find the right match, earn acceptance, and minimize costs.
Mati College Prep is here to help you better understand and navigate every step of the process, providing the individualized guidance, preparation, and support necessary to make thoughtfully considered, forward-looking and financially sound decisions.

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The state of the college admissions landscape today is such that grades, coursework, extracurricular activities, and standardized test scores are often not enough to separate one applicant from another; the subjective parts of a college application are pivotal in determining acceptance.
Your Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays are golden opportunities to show why you will add value to the college of your choice.  

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Every summer, we offer a limited number of three day writing workshops that guide students through the college essay and application process in a dynamic, small group setting. From the development of an original and compelling idea, to the drafting and revision process, every student benefits from both professional and peer review, and will leave the workshop not only with a vivid and memorable Common App. Essay, but also with a better understanding and appreciation of the art of composition.

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Whether you’ve already taken the test and want to improve on those results or are just starting the preparation process, these workshops are the most efficient, cost-effective and engaging way to maximize scores.

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SAT tutoring for students that are interested in attending US schools is underway

100% of the students that have worked with us have moved on to a college of their choice.

These services are most useful for students in 10th and 11th grade as they prepare for the college admissions process.  Services include tutoring in Reading/Writing, Math, and Personal Essay Coaching.  Sessions are typically  10 weeks and students may register for more than one session depending on their success rate.

*Tutoring times may include weekday or weekend hours. 

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