Online Clubs and Workshops

MATI offers more than 10 online clubs for students to explore and discover their talents.
Our online clubs offer a friendly and enjoyable experience led by a MATI faculty or staff member who shares the students' passion for the club theme. Shared interests along with respectful and engaging social opportunities deepen relationships and provide our students the opportunity to collaborate and socialize.

During our meetings, students use Google Classroom, Meet and/or Zoom, enabling collaboration through presentations, vocal and visual communication using microphones and webcams, as well as other media.

At Mati Talent Institute Private School we have made important alliances to offer the best teachers in our courses, workshops and Clubs that allow our students to have the best social experience always guided by a true professional.

Acting Studio

By Adriana Barraza


Cooking Club

By Gerónimo García


Ted Ed Club

Sharing ideas


Virtual field trips

Walk around the world



Space Center Houston



The Adriana Barraza Acting Studio has its own methodology based on the experience of the well known actress and teacher Adriana Barraza, who began her career as an actress in 1972.

Her work in films and television series have made her worthy of multiple tributes, nominations and awards in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Spain and the United States of America, where it is worth highlighting her nomination for the OSCAR, Golden Globe and SAG Award for her participation in the film BABEL, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

In addition to being recognized in various countries as a prestigious acting teacher since 1978 and a neutral accent since 1992, her career as a television stage director is highly valued.

Founded in 2011, together with her husband, the actor Arnaldo Pipke, of the Adriana Barraza Acting Studio, one of the most prestigious Acting Studios in the United States, and of the Adriana Barraza Black Box, an alternative theatrical space that has specialized in staging. High-level scene until 2018 has hosted the Miami International Hispanic Theater Festival three times.


Mati Talent Institute Private School is proud to offer our students the ONLINE ACTING WORKSHOP FOR TEENAGERS by the hand of Adriana Barraza Acting Studio, open enrollment for young MATI students, based inside and outside the United States, who wish to venture into the art of acting online. Participants will receive a certificate issued by both institutions. LIMITED SPOTS.


At Mati Talent Institute, we are very happy to open our Cooking Club for students from Grades 7 to 12 by Gerónimo García.

This Club is completely free, you can enjoy all the recipes available in Google Classroom.

Request your registration at You should choose 5 recipes from Geronimos videos and have it modified by you. You will receive your Certificate of participation signed by Gerónimo and by Mati.


We are very happy to announce that our school is now part of TED-Ed, a community that integrates students from all over the world and through which members can share ideas and initiatives that they are passionate about in the TED talks format.

  • TED-Ed Speech Club
  • TED-Ed Speech Club

Virtual field trips K-12

Students enjoy walks around the world using live video images from Google Earth and multimedia components on the Zoom platform. Additionally, students can ask questions via chat and participate in an animated question session using different programs like Kahoot. These virtual field trips for K-12 students are offered bi-monthly from September to April. For example, they will be able to know the migration of the Monarch butterfly to their habitat in Mexico, walk through the Brooklyn Bridge in all its historical splendor, and learn about the Asian Elephants or the Indonesian Temples.
Trips around the world are planned at the beginning of each school year so that students can book the dates.

K-12 Virtual Conferences

Conferences with Space Center Houston scheduled during the school year where students will discover how astronauts carry out their daily tasks, such as eating, exercising and conducting science experiments in orbit. They will learn about their weightless environment and the effects it has on the human body among many other interesting topics related to activities in space.

Equestrian Club

English Club

Model United Nations Club

Yearbook Club

Mindfulness & Meditation Place