We are committed to:

Satisfy the needs of our families, fulfill the commitments and strive to offer the best possible experience. We value our students and work diligently to demonstrate this through our service.

Supporting families around the world, we strive to change people’s lives through education and online support; providing better opportunities for our students and an adaptive and personalized curriculum.

Promote the unique learning ability and pace of each student, delivering an individualized curriculum that will increase in difficulty as students move on and supporting students to receive a differentiated and interactive instruction.

Mati Talent Institute Private School:

  • Accepts students in grades K-12.
  • It is a year-round school that accepts enrollments throughout the year.
  • Offers a completely online curriculum or printed materials for courses.
  • Offers four diploma options: Honors College Prep, College Prep, Standard and Career / Vocational.
  • Requires a minimum of 24 credits to graduate with a standard diploma.
  • Offers AP courses and honors for High School students.
  • Follows the requirements of the Florida basic course to graduate.
  • Is affiliated with Florida Virtual School.

Mati Talent Institute Private School strives for the highest levels of academic achievement but we also believe that education is made up of more than academic effort and success.

We believe that education must be an unalterable lifetime search that incorporates the essential elements of learning combined with the development of own talents, discovery and response to personal vocation and universal values.

We firmly believe that it is during the school years and with family as an ally where you can strengthen students character, values and willingness to become leaders of social change.