Fun & engaging K-5 program where kids can be kids!


Mati Talent Institute Private School offers highly rated elementary online programs for your child. MATI combines the technology kids love with the education they need to make learning fun!

Elementary students are invited to attend live classes where they can engage with their peers and teacher. Our class sizes are small so your child will receive individualized attention and support.

Positive life experiences contribute heavily to a child's education. For this reason, you will find engaging online curriculum coupled with offline activities where kids can be kids! Our project-based program is engaging, dynamic and interactive. They will get their hands dirty, complete an experiment (using household items), practice handwriting, and so much more.

The training of the students is centered on the person, so that the student, with the teacher's mediation, is the builder of his own knowledge. It is intended that he develop skills and abilities that allow him to apply what he has learned and be able to freely discern his actions. We want our students to be people who are intellectually and morally prepared to insert themselves and have a positive impact in a globalized society subject to rapid and constant changes.

Always seeking academic excellence, which gives us the ability to respond to the new challenges of education and the requirements of our globalized world, giving students opportunities to have international experiences.


Student Rol

Student Rol

Our students develop skills and autonomy in their studies. They design their own schedules and establish the times to work and deliver their projects. Our online education model encourages our students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and owners of their own learning.
Certified Teachers

Certified Teachers

Our qualified teachers are certified in their core content areas and are committed to helping students excel in their courses by providing personal, actionable feedback linked to assignment objectives. In our online school, once a week the teacher gives a class and explains the goal of the session, additionally once a week there is a session for academic questions and at any time you can communicate and schedule a meeting with the teacher to together create an action plan.

Some of the characteristics of our curriculum are:







Accelerated Learning


International Challenges


Adaptive Curriculum approved by the US Department of Education

Interactive and Personalized Curriculum. (Start with a placement test and then adapt according to the academic needs of the student, providing online academic support according to their needs). Student receives interactive online support and has the option to work with printed materials on the topics seen online.


As a private school and in search of continuous improvement, access to our curricula is through our LMS. You will love having all the information at your fingertips!

You do not have to send EVIDENCES. The program reports all the students' progress and records their activities, on the contrary, we provide you with access to a PARENT PORTAL where you can see your child's evaluations and their results online immediately after their evaluation.


They simply love it!

Students have access to print and online material, clubs, conferences, live webinars, and can interact with peers, teachers, or coaches. The entire curriculum is interactive.

Students can send messages to other users and obtain Diplomas according to their progress.

Accelerated Learning

It is proven that students require approximately 1 or 2 hours per day at this school level in Mati to achieve amazing academic progress, aligned with the highest standards of education.
If the student is ready to move forward we are ready to support him.

International Challenges

International challenges within the platforms as well as competitions and partners in other countries. Go get your medal!

English Certification

Through the TOEFL Primary® exam at the end of Grade 3 and the TOEFL Junior® at the end of Grade 6, Mati students certify their level of English, which translates into multiple academic benefits for the acceptance of this certificate in more than 15,000 universities and different countries around the world.

TOEFL has created the Primary and Junior tests that are excellent diagnostic and measurement instruments to know if your students are acquiring the necessary skills according to the level of instruction in which they are.

Toefl Primary is intended for students ages 8 and up and measures listening, speaking, and reading skills.

Meanwhile, Toefl Junior measures listening, reading and grammar comprehension and is intended for students from the age of 11.

Reading Impact

Studies show the impact that reading has on students, as well as intonation, fluency and reading comprehension. Each book has a lexile and the option to READ, LISTEN and PRINT. The READ option allows them to position themselves on some word that they cannot read, this helps to facilitate reading, with the LISTEN option they acquire intonation.