Check the following link to know the registration process and documents that you must send to Mati. https://matitalentinstitute.org/florida-enrollments/


Document Submission

Send us the requested documents, we will send you a Registration link within 48 hours, once we receive your child's registration we will provide you with your access information within 4 business days.


Access and Installation Instructions

You will receive the installation instructions and access to your tuition programs, it is important to read all the information you receive and follow each step http://www.matihomeschool.com/installation/.


Initial Placement Test

The evaluations are not exams with which we will evaluate the students, they are tests that allow the student to be placed in their current level of learning and that as a private distance school, it provides us with the necessary reports as evidence of your child's progress during the school year. If you want to know more about the importance of ISIP Assessments please check this link ISIP EVALUATIONS.


Welcome Call - Coaching 1

It is a great pleasure to welcome a new family, in this call we will get to know each other a bit, we will talk about suggestions to take better advantage of the curriculum and you will receive ideas about extracurricular classes that your child can study.


Working with MATI

We believe that a personalized and adaptive education is key to the development of a student. Mati Talent Institute Private School allows students to access proven and effective instruction that provides challenges from their current level of learning. Using ISTATION with personalized and adaptive instruction, Math Whizz, interactive, personalized and award-winning or Florida Virtual School with certified teachers, we prepare ourselves to provide students with lifelong and self-motivated knowledge that will lead them to personal fulfillment and face the challenges of our current world. Families will work the enrollment curriculum they chose adhering to the times suggested in the Terms and Conditions, this is a time to deepen the lessons, take notes and above all begin the development of talents and unique gifts in our students.


Coaching 2

Schedule your call! Send an email to MATI between November 18 and December 1 to schedule your coaching phone call. During this phone call we talk about your first experiences, doubts and suggestions for the integral development of each student. At this time the attendance report is sent and the family shares their progress and experiences, as well as the extracurricular activities report. You will have incredible family moments!


December holidays

From December 16 to January 4. We strongly suggest that the family have a vacation period on these dates but we understand that there are students who wish to continue, this is not a problem, In MATI we respect your family dynamics and projects.


Coaching 3

From April 1 to 15 Schedule your phone call, send an email to MATI to schedule your 3rd coaching phone call. During this phone call we review the previous observations and the progress and experiences that have been obtained as a family, we also talk about your extracurricular activities and prepare to fill out your transcript in April . You will be keeping your evidences.



This month we fill out the Student Transcript together, family sends evidence of extracurricular activities, we review doubts and progress.


Transcripts Registration

Final review of your Transcript for the school year with Mati Talent Institute Private School.


School Cycle Closure

We conclude the school year on May 31, 2021. During June we process your transcripts. During the first week of July families will receive their Transcript by courier with an additional cost to families outside of Mexico or the United States.