Rigorous but Attractive

Our Middle School Curriculum includes Math, Science, Social Studies, and English courses for grades 6th, 7th, and 8th.

If the student is accelerating in math or other subjects and wants to start earning High School credit early, we can enroll them in courses from our High School catalog.

When a student graduates from our online Middle School, they will be ready to succeed in High School. We motivate our students to learn independently, think critically, and write clearly.

A Path to Academic Success

No time is more transformational than Middle School, where academic concepts are combined with confidence-building to help students become better students. Students plot their academic path, choosing courses that cultivate their skills and interests.

Our accredited private-school program provides families with the flexibility to fit school around their individual schedules while offering a wide selection of core courses, world languages, electives, micro courses, and extracurricular clubs that help students discover career pathways and personal passions that can shape their future.

English Certification

Through the TOEFL Primary® exam at the end of Grade 3 and the TOEFL Junior® at the end of Grade 6, Mati students certify their level of English, which translates into multiple academic benefits for the acceptance of this certificate in more than 15,000 universities and different countries around the world.

TOEFL has created the Primary and Junior tests that are excellent diagnostic and measurement instruments to know if your students are acquiring the necessary skills according to the level of instruction in which they are.

Toefl Primary is intended for students ages 8 and up and measures listening, speaking, and reading skills.

Meanwhile, Toefl Junior measures listening, reading and grammar comprehension and is intended for students from the age of 11.

Advanced Middle School in Mati


Improved digital books, improved reading growth, an adaptive, personalized and interactive curriculum that, together with fully guided PRINTING LESSONS, provides instruction with an EXCELLENT educational level. Myon® is an award-winning virtual tutor that begins at each childs’ current lexile level.

Students will enjoy a wide range of genre and authors, from animal adventures to illustrative informational texts, in English and Spanish.

Reading recommendations are dynamically adjusted to each student's grade, reading level, and interests to help them find their next great read.

Thorough reading tools, professionally recorded audio and a built-in dictionary help deepen student engagement and unlock even more growth in reading.

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