The Maths-Whizz® Tutor

Offers each child personalized math support.

Math-Whizz Tutor has been shown to accelerate each child’s progress to 18 months in their first year*.

MATI recently received the Whizz Education Distinguished School Award, a special honorary distinction that only a few schools around the world have received.

The recognition is due to the extraordinary achievement of educators and students, who materialize the excellence of their work through Math-Whizz, a mathematics program originating in the United Kingdom, which has revolutionized the way of learning the subject by adapting a tutoring model interactive. This tool offers truly exceptional results, accelerating students' math skills in a short time.

It is not only acquiring access to the program, all our award-winning experience accompanies you "behind the scenes" to guide the student to success in their goals, always in an interactive, personalized and adaptive way.

“Math-Whizz has given our students high achievement in mathematics, well above traditional elementary and middle schools in the United States and Mexico. The Distinguished School recognition consolidates Mati as a high-performance school for teaching mathematics and validates our mission of offering personalized education to each student, regardless of the country they come from”.

Corina Intriago

Director of Mati Talent Institute.

Mati Talent Institute: at the forefront of online education

Mati Talent Institute is positioned as a pioneer of distance education with the Whiz Education Distinguished School Award, which rewards the successful implementation of this revolutionary model of virtual tutoring in mathematics.
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Confidence, ability and motivation in mathematics

By establishing lessons automatically, intelligently assessing progress and giving each child the intelligent support they need, the tutor promotes confidence, ability and motivation in mathematics.

Each child deserves a unique learning experience according to their individual needs and learning pace.

That is why Math-Whizz® is born, the innovative online virtual tutoring solution.



  • Personalized tutoring for children from 5 to 14 years old
  • Measurable progress through complete reports
  • More than 1,200 fun and stimulating exercises


Establish individually differentiated lessons for each child. Obtain a clear vision of learning needs, with results from automatic evaluations in useful formats. Every moment the student spends in the Math-Whizz® tutor supports the formative evaluation.


Whizz is Winner of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2017


Accelerate learning

Research shows that students who learn through Math-Whizz increase their math age up to 18 months in their first year of use*. That is a six month acceleration in learning mathematics. Loved by students!!

Students adore the Math-Whizz lessons because they bring math to life. Each lesson explains new concepts with colorful animations, interactive exercises and a world of exciting rewards for learning!

Some other benefits:

  • Accelerate the progress of each child through virtual tutoring
  • Research shows that students who learn with the Math-Whizz Tutor during 45-60 minutes a week increase their Math-Age by 18 months in their first year.

Automatically complete the learning gaps before your lessons.

By focusing on the weakest topics for each student without neglecting their strengths, the Tutor builds the foundation for deeper mathematical learning.

Create excitement with lively and interactive learning.

Math-Whizz lessons bring mathematics to life. Online lessons explain new ideas with colorful animations, exercises and exciting rewards.

Build each child’s confidence with stepped support.

The Tutor builds confidence and a growth mindset with useful guidelines, staggered support and intelligent interventions, as long as each student needs them.

Motivate students with the right level of challenge.

As students progress, the Tutor continues to adapt to their needs, pushing each student to reach their potential with lessons at the right level.

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