From intervention to enrichment, Istation® provides students with the instruction they need when they need it. Available from Kindergarten through Grade 12th.

Why do we prefer and recommend Istation® in MATI? The curriculum is available in both, English and Spanish grade by grade.


Proven results

Students who use Istation® in Spanish obtain greater gains in overall instructional ability compared to those who do not follow the curriculum.

Istation® has several University Studies in the U.S. that monitor the impact of instruction on students, in this link you will find more information


Formative assessments

Designed specifically for Spanish literacy from Pre-kindergarten up to 8th grade by Spanish educators, the Istation Progress Indicators (ISIP™) nationwide measure student growth with computer-adapted assessment and diagnostic programs.

Istation meets the standards set for each grade level.

Click here to find more information about each State in the US.

Awards, Guarantees and Reviews

Istation has been recipient of important Awards:

EdTech Digest – Energizing Education

  • Assessment Solution
    2017 – Finalist
  • Language Learning Solution
    2017 – Finalist
  • Early learning
    2016 – Winner
  • Language Learning Solution
    2016 – Finalist

2016 Tyton Growth50 Winner

  • Listed as a 2016 Tyton Growth50 Winner

Digital Innovation in Learning Awards

  • Organization Award 2015 – Honorable Mention


  • Teacher Tools: Best Academic Management Website
    2018 – Winner
  • Multi-Level: Multi-Subject Best Educational Software Award
    2017 – Winner

Approved seller

Endorsed and reviewed by:

  • Official Member, Forbes Technology Council
    Bill Lowrey, Director of Technology, Istation
  • Board of Special Education Administrators (CASE)
    Endorsed by CASE
  • Learning list
    Istation TEKS K-8 alignment reports have been reviewed by
  • World Class Instruction Design and Evaluation (WIDA)
    PRIME Correlation (Protocol for the revision of instructional materials for ELL students)
  • National Center for Response to Intervention (NCRTI)
    Revised and highly qualified as a universal monitoring and progress tool.
  • Florida Reading Research Center (FCRR)
    Revised with zero deficiencies.


Perfect for all bilingual implementations for Pre-K through 8th grade, including models in two languages. Istation Spanish is different from a translated literacy program that has been adapted from English to Spanish. Learning is improved and enriched through useful lessons with Latin culture and literature.
Custom Data Profiles

Custom Data Profiles

Reports based on student progress provide a formative vision to guide intervention strategies and instructional decision making. They will always be informed and above all, this contributes to not sending evidence on these matters, as it will be MATI who sends the Progress Reports.


Hundreds of lesson plans, automated tools and flexible resources help educators customize instruction and support various teaching approaches.


Families and guardians have 24-hour access, 7 days a week, to easy-to-use complementary home instruction and can monitor progress.


Students really enjoy the lessons at ISTATION®. Istation® is approved as an alternative evaluation for grade promotion.

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