Learning German can open up a world of possibilities and with Mati Language Division, our German classes are designed to not only make the language accessible to you but to make you comfortable using it in whatever capacity you need. Our immersive language learning techniques will allow you to begin using the language in your first lesson with a native German speaker. This approach gives you immediate feedback on both the language and the cultural aspects of using the language.

Online German classes

We provide you the opportunity to learn both German and the cultural aspects of using the language in everyday situations. With the MATI online German classes, you will learn German with a MATI-certified instructor in a live online environment. During the classes, you will be speaking German the entire time as part of the immersive MATI Method of language training. In this environment, you will feel like the instructor is in the room with you and you will get immediate feedback, allowing you to learn at a much faster pace.

The online language class options from MATI also provide options for any learner. Regardless of your budget, timeline, current knowledge and learning style, the MATI online language classes can help you gain proficiency in German.


Why learn German?

German is estimated to be spoken by 100 million native speakers and by another 20 million non-native speakers.

As one of the most popular languages spoken in Europe, German is one of the most important languages for business and travel.