One of the Romance languages, Italian is a major language in Europe. When learning Italian, understanding the cultural implications of the language can be just as important as understanding the language itself. With the MATI Italian classes, you will learn these cultural aspects of using the language. These cultural lessons will allow you to use your Italian skills confidently with native speakers in business or social situations.

MATI Italian classes incorporate the MATI Method into every lesson. The MATI Method, which is based on immersive language learning, has been proven to be the fastest, most efficient way to learn Italian. Using this method, you will only speak Italian during your classes, which will be conducted by a MATI-certified native instructor.

These techniques are employed in every MATI Italian class. You will have the option to choose from both group and private Italian classes based on your timeline, budget and preferences, but you will enjoy the same language-learning methods regardless of the class type you choose.

Online Italian classes

Learning Italian online with MATI will give you a level of flexibility that will allow you to streamline your language-learning. Online language learning allows you to focus only on your Italian classes, removing the need to travel to the classroom. You will have the opportunity to participate in the MATI online Italian classes from your home, office, park, coffee shop or any other location with a strong internet connection.

On top of the flexibility provided by the online Italian classes, you will also get the same level of language training and results. You will get the same language-learning techniques as you would in the classroom, including learning with a live, MATI instructor.


Why learn Italian?

Italian is spoken by an estimated 70 million people worldwide. It is also the official language of Italy and San Marino, as well as Vatican City, which is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Italy is a major tourist attraction, making Italian a great language to learn for any travel enthusiasts.