Portuguese is spoken on just about every continent on the planet, making it one of the most important languages for both business and travel. MATI Portuguese classes focus on both the fundamental language skills and cultural skills needed to speak with confidence. The classes are focused on conversational skills, employing the MATI Method into each class. This means that during the class, you will only speak in Portuguese, as will your instructor. This method has proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to gain competence in a language. Leading your classes will be a MATI certified  instructor who will fully understand the concepts of the Method, as well as the intricate details of the dialects and nuances of Portuguese.

There are a number of reasons for learning Portuguese and at MATI, our goal is to provide a Portuguese class option no matter why you need to learn the language.

Online Portuguese classes

With the online Portuguese classes from MATI, you will be free to focus solely on the language classes. You can choose to study at your home, at work or even in a park or coffeehouse. This flexibility is further enhanced with our private online classes, which allow you to schedule your own classes and to dictate the curriculum you cover in your classes, allowing you to focus on specific skills you need to learn.

The best thing about the MATI online Portuguese classes is that you will learn with a native instructor in a live environment where you are able to speak and interact directly with them. During your online Portuguese classes, you will only speak in Portuguese. This will allow you to learn Portuguese faster than other language options.


Why learn Portuguese?

As the main language in two major countries on two different continents (Portugal and Brazil), Portuguese is one of the major languages of the world, being spoken by an estimated 170 million people. The vastness of the language make it an appealing language to learn for both business and travel reasons. Areas of Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have Portuguese listed as a major language spoken.