We believe that parents love their children more than anyone, and by working together, we can provide context for their concerns and find solutions to challenges. Through the Academy at Mati Talent Institute Private School, we can ensure that you will enjoy the great process of witnessing how your child grows and develops his or her great and unique potential.

Mati's Academy can help with the following challenges (and more):

  • Not sure what gifted really means and how it affects your child, you and your family?
  • You cannot find a study plan adapted to your curricular level.
  • Is your child hypersensitive or has a sensory disorder?
  • Is your child underachieving?
  • Have you noticed that your child seems sad or depressed?
  • Does your child worry excessively or struggle with anxiety?
  • Is your child underachieving or struggling with perfectionism?
  • Does your school provide you with the appropriate challenge so you can learn resilience?

We are an Online Private School registered in Florida with extensive experience with gifted children.

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