The MATI language division offers its students the possibility of learning a new language online in a fun and personalized way focused on CONVERSATION skills aligned with the Common European Framework.

Language teaching at MATI has high quality standards and constant academic supervision in order to guarantee the learning of their students.

Group Program

(10-12 students per group)

$630 USD - per level

  • DURATION: 1 school year including holidays.
  • PRICE: $ 630 USD per cycle (It can be deferred in 4 payments).
  • FREQUENCY: 2 lessons per week.


Interactive Digital Material included.

  • STUDY MATERIAL: Children from 6 to 10 years old - Explrore our World.
  • From 11 to 15 years old - Timezones.

This program aims to teach students to cope in situations according to their age in the desired language with inductive methodology, which helps them through scenarios, activities, music and movement dynamics to express themselves in a social group.

In this course students will have:

  • Social interaction with students from different countries.
  • Collective and cooperative learning.
  • Attention and follow-up by the instructor and the supervisor.
  • They conclude the program with a level of the Common European Framework.
  • They obtain a Certificate from the MATI TALENT PRIVATE SCHOOL.
  • Study material for the entire program already included.

MATI students have a 10% discount on total cost.

One and One program

(Un maestro- un alumno)

$1,500 USD per level

Our one-to-one instructional programs are tailor-made to fit a single schedule and goals - those of the student, providing a fully personalized educational experience ideal for learning a language quickly.

Each level has a duration of 44 lessons of 50 minutes.

The program consists of 8 levels from A1 to B2.



  • Attention one to one.
  • Allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • It helps the student to think and speak in the new language immediately.
  • Teachers in constant training.
  • Constant supervision of quality in teaching.

At the end of the complete program, the student:

  • Is candidate to take the TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior certification.
  • Receive proof and accreditation diplomas from MATI TALENT INSTITUTE PRIVATE SCHOOL.
  • Is candidate for a MATI school program entirely in English.


Test objective

The TOEFL Junior exams are an objective and reliable measure of your communication skills in English.

While the ETS college-level TOEFL® test continues to set the standard for English proficiency around the world, the TOEFL Junior tests measure the degree to which students in middle school and lower levels of high school have achieved proficiency in academic skills and academic and social skills in English representative of educational settings in English.

These students are generally over 11 years old. However, the tests may be appropriate for other students. Eligibility is based on the English language proficiency of the students.

The TOEFL Junior tests are not based on or limited to any specific curriculum.

The tests may not be appropriate for students who have not yet reached a basic level of proficiency.

TOEFL Junior exams:

  • They provide parents, students, and teachers with objective information about students' progress in developing English language skills over time.
  • They serve as measurement tools to support student placement in programs designed to increase proficiency levels in the English language.
  • Measure the development of communication skills in English communication in English in preparation for future studies in English.
    Offer useful information that can be used for instructional purposes.

The TOEFL Junior exams DO NOT:

  • They are based on no specific curriculum.
  • They are directly related to TOEFL iBT test results.
  • They are intended to predict performance on the TOEFL iBT®.
  • They are used to support high-level decisions such as for admissions purposes or criteria-based exit tests.
    Replaces TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT or TOEFL ITP® exams