Planning for college, especially in these times, can be intimidating. With a multitude of options, soaring tuition, increased competition and the rapidly evolving demands of our 21st century economy, families must educate themselves to find the right match, earn acceptance, and minimize costs.

Mati College Prep is here to help you better understand and navigate every step of the process, providing the individualized guidance, preparation, and support necessary to make thoughtfully considered, forward-looking and financially sound decisions.



We encourage students to dig deeper into what matters most and then help them find and explore best-fit schools based on those criteria. A cornerstone of our approach involves using a variety of personal inventories and career interest assessments- including Find My Spark, YouScience and College Match Up- to help them assess their strengths, values, talents, and interests, and then matching those elements to a potential set of schools, majors and career possibilities.

Getting young adults to think critically about what they want out of the college experience and beyond allows us to develop a customized list of the most suitable learning environments and options for their future. Not only are they more likely to find themselves at a fantastic school that’s going to support their academic, social and career path, they’ll also have learned essential decision-making skills that they’ll rely on and use when making other life decisions, both big and small.

When exploring schools and potential majors, I emphasize the consideration of why a particular field of study has value, and what skill sets will be in demand as automation and machine learning continue to radically transform the 21st century workplace.  Some jobs will be eliminated entirely; others will expand in size, scope and importance, and entirely new occupations will be created.  This ‘future-of- work’ conversation is an essential one and it should absolutely complement the college selection process. 

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