Receive guidance from counselors

Students at Mati Talent Institute find a robust system of support the moment they take their first step into our school. From placement counselors at each grade level to college counseling from grade 6 and up, our learners are on-track for success in their collegiate careers and beyond.

College counselors play a crucial role in keeping students focused and on track for post-secondary goals, college admission, and graduation. Counselors assist students with college research and preparation, including standardized testing information, college essay coaching, writing letters of recommendation, and providing financial aid and scholarship education and resources. Social, emotional, and personal counseling curriculum and services are provided across grade levels to support student's overall growth and development.

Planning for college, especially in these times, can be intimidating. With a multitude of options, soaring tuition, increased competition and the rapidly evolving demands of our 21st century economy, families must educate themselves to find the right match, earn acceptance, and minimize costs.

Mati College Prep is here to help you better understand and navigate every step of the process, providing the individualized guidance, preparation, and support necessary to make thoughtfully considered, forward-looking and financially sound decisions.









We encourage students to dig deeper into what matters most and then help them find and explore best-fit schools based on those criteria. A cornerstone of our approach involves using a variety of personal inventories and career interest assessments- including Find My Spark, YouScience and College Match Up- to help them assess their strengths, values, talents, and interests, and then matching those elements to a potential set of schools, majors and career possibilities.