Personalized Enrollment

This enrollment is ideal if you are looking to develop your child's potential to the fullest!

You will have UNLIMITED access to ISTATION® which is successfully used as ENRICHMENT and ACADEMIC INSTRUCTION in schools in the United States, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Dubai, France, Italy and many other countries.

You will also have UNLIMITED ACCESS during the school year to the awarded Mathematics VIRTUAL TUTOR Math Whizz®, Counseling and student support and school ID (you can use the school ID to obtain discounts on museums and other educational activities). By the end of the school year your child will receive an American Report card from Mati Private School. Besides the access to ISTATION AND MATH WHIZZ, this enrollment also gives you access to MyON®. MYON® IS A PERSONALIZED LIBRARY FOR EVERY STUDENT..

MyON® is an award-winning Virtual Tutor that starts by supporting the current knowledge of each kid. It has improved digital books, improved reading growth, an adaptable, personalized and interactive curriculum that, together with fully guided PRINTED LESSONS, provides instruction with an EXCELLENT educational level. Students can enjoy a wide range of genres and authors, from adventures with animals to illustrative informational texts, in English and in Spanish.

Reading recommendations dynamically adjust to the grade, reading level and interests of each student to help them find their next great reading. Thorough reading tools, professionally recorded audio and a built-in dictionary help deepen student engagement and unlock even greater growth in reading.

Initial Session
3 personalized support sessions
Enrollment in Mati Talent Institute private School for the 2021-2022 School Year
Student ID
Transcript at the end of the school year
Access to ISTATION®
Access to MATH WHIZZ®
Access to MYON® Personalized Library.
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